Personalized, Effective Life Coaching & HR Consulting Services

Vivere/ˈ to live; to be alive

Connect with your most resourceful CORE-SELF™, discover your life purpose, create goals, and plan for action.

Professional Coaching offered to individuals or small groups.

Compassionate Coaching for Individuals and Families struggling with elder care solutions.

Are you looking for an amazing Life Coach who can share a sacred place while supporting you to identify personal goals?

Vivere offers Professional Life and Leadership Coaching, Compassionate Coaching to Individuals and Families struggling with elder care solutions, as well as General Human Resources consulting services. Explore our offerings and find the perfect place for you to thrive with us.

Meet your Coach

Hi, I’m Christini! Thank you for being here…I am an empathic listener and supporter of all positive people everywhere.

I love helping my clients discover their own Life Purpose, Natural Gifts and Talents, and determine ONE area of focus that can help support their life goals.

Let’s embark on an extraordinary journey together!

“Your time is limited so don’t waste it living someone else’s life…”

Work with me!

Find the offering that best fits your needs

“Working with Chris has left me with nothing but positive outcomes! She has helped me to feel more confident in myself and in the decisions that I make almost every day. She’s created a very safe space for me to talk out my emotions and is very compassionate when my days are rough. I’m extremely grateful to have her as a guide along my way to adulthood and as someone who I can rely on for a helping hand.”

Ava R.